2016 is your year to TRI something new!

This new year we will all think about our new goals for our family, our health and even a new activity…something you have heard of friends from work doing on their summer holidays and you want to know more about it!

During the winter months we can be active in a plan that will have you hit the ground running when the sun warms our part of the world back up again…and we know it does get warm out! So check out the 2016 Time To Tri Clinic run through Uthrive Fitness startingĀ  January 6th!

A 10 week program providing you with hands on training sessions and an on your own program to follow for the rest of the week. This will have you sprint distanceĀ  ready for the spring races around Vancouver!

A sprint distance triathlon is a distance that can be accomplished with 1-1.5 hours of training, 4-5 days a week. This is how much time we should be active anyway…and with 2/3 non-impact activities!

Sprint Distance: Swim 750m+ BikeĀ  20km+ Run 5km= Big Smile of What is Possible!