Lets go play outside..even in the winter!

After reading a couple great books on trail running…like “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall and “Eat & Run” by Scott Jurek, (great vegan recipes at the end of each chapter…not another diet plan book), I was inspired and ready to get my new trail shoes dirty!

It is what I look forward to every weekend I can get over to the North Shore Mountains; Lynn Valley, Seymour and Grouse Mountain all connected with many trails, the go to is the Baden Powell Trail…trail runners everywhere flying over roots and rocks with huge grins on their face! My highlight was when some local hikers where on the trail coming into Deep Cove and saw me coming..they called back “trail runner!”, and then they all moved over as I bounded by! WOW! They were talking about me!

Another reason I am all for the Fun in my Functional Fitness Plan!    It has me preparing the training plan that will take me through my first Ultra in April…50 km run in the Kelowna area… show up injury free and race with confidence I have invested in the work to complete the distance!

A big shout out to the coach behind this adventure..Ward Beemer, he has created the atmosphere of whole heartedness &  adventure…love his flying arms on the descents!