Health Coach

What does Health Coach mean to you?

When you think of who your “health coach” is are thinking about your doctor, naturopath, personal trainer or a variety of resources from online to the many books that fill the shelves…

What does a health coach do…or more specifically what can I as a Precision Nutrition health coach do for you?

Lets take a look at where we are living and the expectations you have for how you want to live in your life, B.C./Lower Mainland is beautiful you deserve to experience it!

We often hear the catch phrase of “how much information is out there” for us to learn from. We are more aware of foods, (good, bad and ugly), yet it does not slow the pace of metabolic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, this one time adult considered disease is now become just as prevalent in child/youth populations.

The “over fat” lifestyle lends to a circle of inactivity – low energy – inefficient body function & injury and back around to the inactivity cycle again. This is not a fun merry-go-round; we can all find ourselves on it in some degree or another, what I want to do is have the tools to see it happening and then change it.

Where do you see yourself in the cycle right now:

__You have a fairly active life, maybe you are moving with intention 3-4 hours/week, but still find the extra few pounds holding you back from the full energy to match your goals

__You are getting out here and there to move, maybe a couple times/week, you have the odd salad and drink your water but change isn’t happening… still not sure how to create long term change in long term habits.

__You have heard talk about health and fitness, you have considered it or was something you use to be quite active with but habits changed.

The good thing is this is a very “normal” process of change, where you can separate yourself from every ones else’s “normal”, is by connecting with a coach who will focus on where you want to be and help you get there!

So what does “coach” mean: someone who helps others to become better in a specific subject or area. Collins English Dictionary.


No matter what we know logically when it comes to our nutrition…eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, only eat the carbs after activity. Be a caveman, be a vegetarian.

___am I eating enough, or too much

___should I use supplements

___how do I gain energy from food

When we make the vow to change some of us will last longer than others with or will power, as we make our way through the new plan. Yet more often than not there is disappointment and frustration, which can lead to negative self talk…back to the unhealthy lifestyle cycle.

This is where the coach comes in, and as long as there are no medical concerns or issues that need a Dr./Dietician to help with, Uthrive will set out the short & long term goals to break it down to one habit at a time, creating a Habit of success for you to grow with!

A 4-6 month plan, 1-2 focused sessions/month of rebuilding habits of a mindful lifestyle that attracts energy and creates great moments for you and those you share life with.

Food is not the bad guy, lets learn how to enjoy the value it holds, be creative with how it can work for you and how you can enjoy the process of mindful meals more often than not. (How that for a mouthful!)

Uthrive Services

Personal Training

Private 60 min.

1 session 60.00
3 sessions-165.00
5 session- 250.00
10 sessions- 450.00

Partner Training

(2 people)

3 sessions-105.00/pp*
5 sessions-162.50/pp*
10 sessions-300.00/pp*

Personalized Circuit

 Small Group (3-4)

3 sessions 45.00/pp*
5 sessions 67.50/pp*
10 sessions 120.00/pp*

*Based on multi-sessions prepaid.

Precision Nutrition Coaching

$425.00 for 6 months.

*Based on 2x 60 min sessions/month, weekly check-in’s and 2 shopping trips + clean out the kitchen

Sessions will be based on

  • Adapting new habits
  • Providing flexible menu
  • Goal setting
  • Identifying best plan for YOU
  • Planning for nutritional
  • Tracking the physiological needs as an active person
  • changes

Triathlon Coaching using Training Peaks!

Sprint to Olympic Distance- 100.00/month (3-month min.)

Long Course  (half-full iron distance)-150.00/month  (4-month min.)

Including in your bi-monthly training plan

  • Goal setting to build your ATP, (annual training plan)
  • Establishing your training heart rate or power zones
  • 2 individual training sessions (swim, bike or run)
  • OYO weight training plan
  • Race simulation with small group training sessions.
  • Pre-race plan for equipment and nutrition strategy
  • Post race debrief!

*Continued Program for “off season”- 50.00/month

Continue to build from one season to the next for long-term athletic development with a personalized focused.

Online Multisport Coaching is available, with today’s technology, Uthrive will meet you where you are at and help you establish the plan to get you where you want to be!

Contact Tammy to put together the plan to meet your athletic goals!

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