Training Method

Training Method

Everyone is different. This is why a personal trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration and creates a training environment that is there to serve you! There is no magazine article or DVD set that has been made to build your specific physical needs, there are no “cookie cutter” workouts to keep you progressing through in a way to serve the specific needs and goals you have. As we are getting to know each other, there will be one session where UThrive invests in you by going through a postural assessment and movement screen, to look for the most effective way you will respond to functional fitness.

The UThrive training method is about creating an individualized program that will progress each person at a pace, injury free, with a foundation ready to take on new challenges!


We all have some idea’s of what a personal training session can look like, we have seen it on not so real “Reality TV”, for some of us that may be the style we are looking for and for others it will keep them as far away from the gym as possible!

At Uthrive your trainer is “trained” to meet you where you are at with you health and fitness, then guide you towards the outcomes you are looking for. Your personal training session doesn’t end with your 60-minute session; you will have a plan for the time in between and a contact for the days you need the share an exciting break through or need some guidance.

Uthrives One on One training is Personal!

Buddy Training

You don’t do anything without your best girlfriend? No problem. I can train and motivate both of you together.

Maybe you are planning an adventure or a racing event together, it would benefit you both to work together and provide that extra accountability!

My experience has shown that having a friend alongside motivates some clients to top performances that otherwise would never have been possible.


A close-knit family is a guarantee to good results: in the kitchen, on vacation, and also in the gym.

We are seeing the distance growing families and the health related issues in our children due to a sedentary lifestyle. It just not always easy to know how to start the change and keep it growing, when you bring in a person to facilitate the changes the pressure is off you! We can learn more about healthy shopping habits, reading labels, (what are those ingredients and how they act in our body), and how to make smart eating out choices.

Lets give your family an opportunity to learn how they can be responsible for their health because you provided a coach to come in and show them the ropes! Who knows you may have some meals made for you because of their new found skill in creating healthy and of course, yummy recipes!

Of course, the training for the entire family is based on the minimum skill level of all family members. It is very important to me that no one gets left behind and it needs to be fun, none of us are looking for more work!

We want to achieve something together!